Lustful Lesbians





Studio: Lady Suspender
Approximate Running Time: 01:20:46

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Amy is a shy, mature, large breasted amateur who ventures into the modeling world for the first time. Her natural lesbian instincts are feverishly explored by the gorgeous busty Farrah during the many vintage lingerie costume changes, parades, peek-a-boo bras, crotchless panties, and intimate body worship. Any lingering inhibitions Amy may have had before the shoot were discarded when some 'toys' were introduced into the bedroom scene. This film is a wonderful 'emporium of lesbian erotica'.
Clip 1 - 68 mins 1 sec

Lustful Lesbians Clip 1 00:02:20
Lustful Lesbians Clip 1 00:12:20
Lustful Lesbians Clip 1 00:27:20
Lustful Lesbians Clip 1 00:47:20
Lustful Lesbians Clip 1 01:08:20

Stars: Amy | Farrah (i)
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Clip 2 - 12 mins 3 secs

Lustful Lesbians Clip 2 01:09:20
Lustful Lesbians Clip 2 01:10:40
Lustful Lesbians Clip 2 01:12:40
Lustful Lesbians Clip 2 01:14:00
Lustful Lesbians Clip 2 01:18:40

Stars: Amy | Farrah (i)
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Cast & Stars: Lustful Lesbians

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